ART Suite Release Notes 1.08.05 (2013/08/23).

Previous version's release notes.

ART 1.08.05.

New features:

  • From Mike Wang: allow a flush event for a particular "real" run and subrun in order to allow for otherwise empty subruns.

Known issues:

  • Issue #4576: OS X requires closed links regardless of NO_UNDEFINED in cetbuildtools, and art::LibraryManager requires LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be set even on OS X.

messagefacility 1.10.24 (in since ART 1.08.04).

fhicl-cpp 2.17.10 (in since ART 1.08.04).

cetlib 1.03.23 (in since ART 1.08.04).

cpp0x 1.03.23 (in since ART 1.08.04).