ART Suite Release Notes 1.06.00 (2013/04/12).

Previous version's release notes.

ART 1.06.00.

New features:

  • Feature #3349: A new overload of getByLabel.
    A new class art::ValidHandle, which will throw on construction if it is unable to find the specified product in the event, makes possible the following new functions to art::Event:
    1. PROD const & getByLabel(art::InputTag const &) const
    2. art::ValidHandle<PROD> getValidHandle(art::InputTag const &) const
      This is usable with the C++ 2011 keyword auto, e.g.:
      auto h = getValidHandle<MyProd>(myTag);
    3. PROD const * getPointerByLabel(art::InputTag const &) const

Bug fixes:

  • The source detail class function hasMoreData() is now honored correctly.

Known issues:

  • Issue #3707: "art has completed ..." message may not be the last thing printed (present in all versions since the message was first introduced in 1.00.00).

messagefacility 1.10.16 (in since ART 1.03.06).

fhicl-cpp 2.17.02 (in since ART 1.03.06).

cetlib 1.03.15 (in since ART 1.03.06).

cpp0x 1.03.15 (in since ART 1.03.06).