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h1. ART Suite Release Notes 1.02.03.

Previous version's [[Release Notes 1.02.02|release notes]].

h2. ART version:"1.02.03".

h3. New features:

h3. Bug fixes:

* Fix to service management system which disabled NOvA's event display in version:1.02.02

h3. Known issues:

* Bug #2972: #2974: error in interpretation of numeric command-line arguments.

h2. [[messagefacility:Release Notes#1.10.15|messagefacility 1.10.15]] (in since ART version:"1.02.01").

h2. [[fhicl-cpp:Release Notes#2.17.01|fhicl-cpp 2.17.01]] (in since ART version:"1.02.01").

h2. [[cetlib:Release Notes#1.03.14|cetlib 1.03.14]] (in since ART version:"1.02.01").

h2. [[cpp0x:Release Notes#1.03.14|cpp0x 1.03.14]] (in since ART version:"1.02.01").