Getting started with ARM (formerly Allinea) MAP and DDT

Fermilab has a small number of concurrent-use licenses for the ARM (formerly Allinea) Forge tools DDT (a graphical debugger) and MAP (a profiling tool). These are available to all users on the Fermilab network, either physically or via VPN. To use:

  • Ask your local products manager to install the forge_tools product from UPD (see below).
  • setup forge_tools <version>
    Your local products manager may have declared a version current, in which case specifying the version is unnecessary. If you aren't sure what's available, you can:
    ups list -aK+ forge_tools
  • Invoke the tool you wish to use: ddt or map (use the -h or --help options to each command to obtain basic usage information). Both tools are heavily-GUI: tutorials, "getting started" and full user guides may be found at

If you are experiencing problems starting the debugger, you may check the status of the license distribution server (from the Fermilab network only) at

Note that, while the UPS package may be installed anywhere in the world, the Fermilab license distribution server is accessible only from the Fermilab network i.e. the user's machine must be physically on Fermilab's wired network, the FGZ network, or the Fermilab VPN. If you wish to use our UPS product (e.g. from CVMFS) but your own institution's license file or server, then you may set the ALLINEA_LICENCE_DIR environment variable appropriately, viz:

export ALLINEA_LICENCE_DIR=<path-to-licence-dir>

Notes for local products manager.

The best way to install this product is with the upd utility:

  • source /grid/fermiapp/products/common/etc/setup # Or the setup script for your favorite UPS area.
    setup upd
  • Show what is available on the remote site for install locally.
    upd list -aK+ forge_tools
  • Download and install the specified version (or current flavor-appropriate version if not specified), declaring it as current locally.
    upd install -G"-c" forge_tools [<version>] -z <ups-db-dir>
    upd install -c -G"-c" forge_tools -z <ups-db-dir>

<ups-db-dir> is the local UPS area in which you want the product installed. Any valid $PRODUCTS element is a valid UPS database specification.

Supported platforms.

As of December 2017, we package and distribute ARM Forge Tools for SL7 (Linux64bit+3.10-2.17) and SLF6 (Linux64bit+2.6-2.12) via UPD (see above).