System service

Controls the behavior of floating point exceptions in different modules.

Enclosing Table Name Name Type Default Notes
services floating_point_control TABLE {} Top-level parameter set for the service.
floating_point_control setPrecisionDouble BOOL false
reportSettings BOOL false
moduleNames SEQUENCE [] Each module name listed should also have its own parameter set within floating_point_control. One may also specify a module name of, "default" to provide default settings for the following items:
<module-name> enableDivByZeroEx BOOL false
enableInvalidEx BOOL false
enableOverFlowEx BOOL false
enableUnderFlowEx BOOL false

Here is a simple example.

  floating_point_control: {
      # required syntax to apply settings to all modules
      moduleNames: [ default ]
      default: {
        # cause exceptions for divide-by-zero
        enableDivByZeroEx: true