Art status 12Jan2011

discussed status.

IntProducer is configured and dying.

Brian wants a python configuration file (large) converted so he can see the structure and syntax.
Marc has done this task but not verified that it is correct.

Marc wants an end-user program that reads a document and prints it to the screen in canonical form
and also says if the document is legal or not.

Walter pointed out that the name injection Chris was doing might be simpler to code than he has done.
You can inject things into subparametersets using the dot notationL a.b.c : 5

primary work:

  • save and load data * View problem * packaging of external products for art and NOvA

secondary work:

  • sortable ptr_handle * command line options * fixing the fhicl tests that are commented out * documentation of configuration, module and service plugin organization, etc.. * memory corruption in value_ptr?


  • random number service re-integration * sort ptr_vector

other notes:

What about ROOT version 5.2.8? NOvA seems to want this?
Leads to next release of Geant4 and CLHEP!

Lynn will put together an entire package for them. Should put the dependency tree and version of
all products on the wiki (which one? NOvA offline one, cet-is? art?)

art needs CLHEP - can it use 2.0? it will work in a deficient way, perhaps with memory leaks.

Once we have the test workflow going, do the services all need to be exercised? TFile, memory, CurrentModule, etc..