Art Exit Codes

The art executables may exit with a variety of exit codes depending on the circumstances. Here is a non-exhaustive list, current as of March 2018. Note that some codes are degenerate: the textual explanation of the error is definitive.

Circumstance Code(s) Notes
Successful execution 0
Basic command-line processing error 88
Other command-line processing error 1
FHiCL configuration parse error 90
FHiCL ParameterSet generation error 91
Message Facility initialization error 69 cet::exception
70 std::exception
71 Unknown exception
Early exit due to configuration dump or validation check 1
Exception during main execution (EventProcessor) 1-33 art::Exception (see canvas:source:canvas/Utilities/Exception.h)
65 cet::exception
66 std::exception
67 Unknown exception
68 std::bad_alloc
Exit due to signal n 128 + n