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06/27/2014 Andrei Gaponenko Deployment Bug #2976: mu2e -S filelist runs on more than the filelist the bug bit again 0.00
10/26/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Implementation Bug #10630: typo in error message 0.10
09/17/2014 Christopher Green Development Support #7022: GDB errors in art v1_11_02 suite 0.10
10/28/2013 Christopher Green Development Support #4807: New nova build with ART may have a debug off 0.10
01/28/2011 Christopher Green Development Bug #875: Non-fatal ROOT error from TGClient::GetFontByName is classified as FATAL by ART. 0.10
01/17/2018 Lynn Garren Deployment Support #18740: mu bundle for art t 2.09.06 0.20
10/30/2017 Lynn Garren Testing Support #18043: UPS GCC 6.3.0 include configuration borked on OSX 10.12 (Sierra) 0.20
12/18/2014 Christopher Green Development Bug #7548: art::ProductID::productIndex() returns a ProcessIndex instead of a ProductIndex 0.20
12/16/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Analysis Support #11152: services.scheduler.errorOnFailureToPut should default to true 0.25
10/13/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Analysis Bug #10491: memory spike at the end of a job 0.25
05/01/2015 Christopher Green Development Feature #8442: Requst 64 bit for map_vector 0.25
03/23/2015 Christopher Green Development Bug #7006: ServiceCache/ServiceCacheEntry cause "incomplete type" errors on Clang 0.25
03/02/2015 Christopher Green Development Bug #7902: Error message on event number out of range seems misleading 0.25
02/06/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Development Bug #6344: Filter out output of some art services 0.25
06/10/2014 Christopher Green Development Bug #6420: Assns::size_type inaccessible 0.25
09/23/2013 Christopher Green Development Bug #4661: FileCatalogOptionsHandler clobbers IFDH service configuration. 0.25
08/19/2013 Christopher Green Development Support #4545: Help Martin track down undesirable behavior in NovaDDT shared memory reading. 0.25
07/29/2013 Christopher Green Development Support #4443: Help Andrei with getting a product based on ProductID 0.25
07/29/2013 Christopher Green Design Support #4441: Help Zukai with valgrind issues 0.25
07/25/2013 Christopher Green Design Necessary Maintenance #1014: some parameter sets in the ServicesManager do not have service_type defined Analysis conducted while looking at code for other reasons. 0.25
07/16/2018 Christopher Green Implementation Support #20319: arm forge_tools's version of gdb stops with a signal 11 trying to demangle an art symbol name in an e15 debug release 0.50
03/29/2018 Kyle Knoepfel Implementation Feature #18882: Configuration validation in a ResultsProducer module 0.50
03/21/2018 Christopher Green Implementation Support #19424: missing art dictionary 0.50
05/08/2017 Lynn Garren Deployment Bug #16431: Installed products (art, etc.) should include the LICENSE file 0.50
11/15/2016 Christopher Green Implementation Support #14416: Help understanding some error messages 0.50
11/09/2016 Christopher Green Implementation Bug #14430: Art v2_05_00 failed assertion. 0.50
10/17/2016 Christopher Green Analysis Bug #14160: Ordering of input files to source being sorted in middle of chain 0.50
10/03/2016 Christopher Green Development Support #13984: cetlib build failure with native clang from Xcode 8 0.50
10/03/2016 Christopher Green Analysis Support #13984: cetlib build failure with native clang from Xcode 8 0.50
08/26/2016 Lynn Garren Deployment Bug #13692: Web page for gallery v1_03_06 download has an error 0.50
08/01/2016 Kyle Knoepfel Analysis Bug #13055: Art bug when using Memory tracker in standard_g4_uboone.fcl 0.50
06/02/2016 Kyle Knoepfel Implementation Bug #12834: Placeholder %tc gives unexpected "not-a-date-time" string 0.50
05/17/2016 Kyle Knoepfel Implementation Bug #12242: swapped CPU and real times in the art job summary printout 0.50
05/17/2016 Kyle Knoepfel Implementation Feature #8987: sam_metadata_dumper should only write the basename into the JSON output 0.50
05/09/2016 Christopher Green Development Feature #12572: Fast cloning must be deactivated when reading a file written by a version of ROOT with a different splitting policy 0.50
01/06/2016 Kyle Knoepfel Implementation Bug #11340: MemoryTracker and TimeTracker file sqlite db crash 0.50
12/02/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Administration Bug #11039: What do we need to do to make --print-available-modules and --module-description work? 0.50
12/01/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Administration Bug #11039: What do we need to do to make --print-available-modules and --module-description work? 0.50
11/05/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Development Bug #10627: Output module template art::ProvenanceDumper now forces the detail class to do parameter set validation 0.50
10/24/2015 Lynn Garren Analysis Bug #10628: BOOST_LIB not properly defined in boost v1_57_0a 0.50
10/16/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Analysis Support #10545: Returning false from EDFilter::beginSubRun() does not skip the events 0.50
10/14/2015 Christopher Green Development Bug #10491: memory spike at the end of a job 0.50
10/09/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Analysis Bug #10433: a scaling problem 0.50
07/20/2015 Kyle Knoepfel Development Bug #9641: config_dumper -P does not distinguish between files. 0.50
07/09/2015 Christopher Green Development Feature #9348: service missing exception NotFound does action SkipEvent instead of stopping program 0.50
07/09/2015 Christopher Green Development Bug #9363: Cannot read multiple events from file produced by aggregating several files in art v1_14_03, nu release v1_13_00 0.50
05/18/2015 Paul Russo Development Feature #8704: Modify selection XML files to deal with new ROOT and build 0.50
05/11/2015 Paul Russo Development Feature #8700: Replace use of Reflex by TClass 0.50
05/11/2015 Paul Russo Development Feature #8699: Segregate use of Reflex 0.50
05/11/2015 Christopher Green Development Feature #8700: Replace use of Reflex by TClass 0.50
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