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h1. Tag a new argoneutcode release

argoneutcode depends on larsoft and larbatch. Whenever there is a new version of larsoft or larbatch (normally happens weekly), we need to tag a new argoneutcode release to depend on the latest larsoft and larbatch. To find the current dependence on larsoft and larbatch, one can check srcs/argoneutcode/ups/product_deps and examine the following block:
<pre># Add the dependent product and version

product version
larsoft v05_11_01
larbatch v01_21_04
cetbuildtools v4_19_04 - only_for_build
To find out the latest larsoft and larbatch versions, do
ups list -aK+ larsoft
ups list -aK+ larbatch
after doing
source /grid/fermiapp/products/argoneut/

Suppose the latest larsoft is v05_12_00 and the latest larbatch is v01_22_00, we need to tag argoneutcode v05_12_00.
First cd to the local argoneutcode directory:
<pre>cd srcs/argoneutcode</pre>
Make sure you are on develop branch and get all the updates:
<pre>git checkout develop
git pull</pre>
Start a release branch:
<pre>git flow release start v05_12_00</pre>
Modified ups/product_deps:
<pre>parent argoneutcode v05_12_00

larsoft v05_12_00
larbatch v01_22_00</pre>

Sometimes larsoft updates cetbuildtools version and if that's the case you should do this same here.
Commit your changes:
<pre>commit -a -m'v05_12_00'</pre>
Finish the release:
<pre>git flow release finish -m'v05_12_00'</pre>
and create the new tag and push the changes to origin develop and master:
<pre>git push --tags
git push origin develop master</pre>
The tagging is done. A new tag v05_12_00 has been created and both remote develop and master have been updated to this new tag.

The next step is to start a Jenkins build:
You need to register and get a certificate. Click argoneut-release-build then click rebuild last from the left. Change the version of argoneutcode you want to build (v05_12_00 in this example) and start building. Unpack the tarballs (debug and prof) to /grid/fermiapp/products/argoneut/.

Finally, upload the built products to scisoft, and install them in the products area.

Copy to scisoft:
chmod +x copyToSciSoft
./copyToSciSoft argoneutcode*bz2

Install in the products area:
tar xf argoneutcode-05.14.00-slf6-x86_64-e9-debug.tar.bz2 -C /grid/fermiapp/products/argoneut/