Make event displays

  • Set up argoneutcode

source /cvmfs/
setup argoneutcode v08_43_00 -q e19:prof

  • Run reconstruction:

lar -c standard_reco_data_t962.fcl root:// --nskip 776 -n 1

  • Convert root file to h5 file:

lar -c datadumpt962_hdf.fcl standard_reco.root

Fcl file datadumpt962_hdf.fcl is attached to this page.

  • Plot event display using a python script

This is the most challenging part. It is better to run the script on a computer where you can install missing python packages.

First to look at plane 0:

./ -f r661_e30777.h5 -pl 0

You can plot plane 1 and select the wire and tick range. You can also specify a scaling factor to change the size of the plot.

./ -f r661_e30777.h5 -w0 50 -t1 1000 -pl 1 -sc 8

After you are happy with the results, you can save it:

./ -f r661_e30777.h5 -w0 50 -t1 1000 -pl 1 -sc 8 -save

Script is attached.