Beau, Charlie, Linden and Rich took advantage of a lab-sponsored "Hackathon" (Wed., March 13th, 2019.) They investigated Javascript frameworks, libraries and tools. Using React, they built the beginnings of an ACNET Parameter Page. The code is available in this project's repository (


We began the discussion with the assumption that a web application interface was the goal. In an effort to support drag and drop interfaces as well as broad code sharing we focused on the idea of web components. React provides a declarative library that keeps the DOM in sync with your data, performantly. Our data acquisition layer already exists through the DPM client libraries.

Using these tools we imagine an environment where encapsulated code can be shared between applications readily with little overhead. When creating a new application the infrastructure would come for free. In a mature environment, you can build an application without writing any new code. When new code needs to be written the programmer only needs to be concerned with the behavior they encapsulate in their component.