Adding User Accounts for ANNIE

The user will have created a new account, or be adding ANNIE membership via

This will create a Servicedesk TASK assigned to the ANNIE support group.

Actions taken by ANNIE, details below :

o verified
+ done

+ Redmine
+ Directories

  1. Add the user to the ANNIE NIS
    To check
    ssh -akx "ls -ld ~${NEW}" 

    add_annie_user adds them to ANNIE NIS, and mailing lists
    Get CS's ECF/SSI to do this if needed.
    ssh "source /usr/local/etc/
    setup systools
    cmd add_annie_user ${NEW}" 
    ( add_annie_user is not enabled Apr 2015 )
  2. Add new user to ANNIE redmine page
    Click Members
    New Member ( on right ), find the user, select Developer

    If the user does not show up in the New Member menu:
  3. Add working directories in
    • /annie/app/users/
    • /annie/data/users
    • /pnfs/annie/scratch/users
    • /pnfs/annie/persistent/users
      ssh -akx
      NEW=new username
      NUI=new UID
      ./adduser ${NEW} ${NUI}
  4. Add account to ECL
  5. Close the Servicedesk TASK noting which actions were taken

Welcome email , for reference

This should be sent automatically as part of the Workflow, but is sent manually as of 2016/11

    Welcome to ANNIE computing at Fermilab !

    You have been given :

  o An account on the ANNIE interactive system, annie01

  o Membership in the fermilab/annie grid group

  o Access to the ANNIE Redmine WIKI

  o Access to the ANNIE online logbook

    Please review ANNIE Computing documentation at