Annie CS Liaison

The Annie CS Liaison is a person in the Computing Sector.
Their primary responsibility is communication between the CS and the Annie Experiment.
The corresponding role in the Experiment is held by the Online and Offline coordinators.

The effort level is not to exceed 4 hours/week, and should usually be closer to 2.

Work beyond communications, such as investigating and addressing problems, and actively managing the resources, falls to the Offline and Online coordinators and the Collaboration in general.

There is a CSL Fermipoint site
The list of Liaisons, Spokes and Coordinators is at

Expected Liaison activities :

  • Be subscribed to mailing lists
    • - meeting and service announcements
      • forward service items to Annie as appropriate
    • - service announcements which will be forwarded to cs-liaison
    • gp-downtime - service announcements
      • forward to Annie as appropriate
    • annie_collab - Collboration communication
    • annie_ops - detector operations
  • Review open Annie ServiceNow tickets as reported in a weekly email from ServiceNow
    • Review these for malingerers, poke them as needed ( about 10 minutes/week )
  • future - may need to attend weekly All Experimenter Meeting, were an offline computing will be presented starting around Fall 2016.
  • Attend bi-weekly CS Liaison meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly FIFE meetings when Liaisons are invited
  • Attend certain Annie meetings :
    • Detector Operations meeting - Monday 13:00 - about 1 hour, report on Computing issues related to DAQ
    • Annie weekly collaboration meeting - Friday 10:00 - about 1 hour - report on offline issues
  • Annual SC/PMT resource request
    • This is prepared and presented by the Offline and Online Coordinators.
    • Liaison should review and assist with the preparation, to align this with CS plans
    • Attend the annual SC/PMT meeting where this is presented
  • Annual review and update if the Annie TSW
    • Assist the Online and Offline coordinators