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h1. ANNIE-at-work Wiki


h2. Getting Started

* [[CollabMeetingOct2018| Attend our Next Collaboration Meeting October 2018]]
* "Set up a computing account":
* Read the "ANNIE Letter of Intent":
* Read the "ANNIE Expression of Interest":
* To join our mailing lists follow "LISTSERV instructions": and subscribe to: annie_collab and annie_ops.
* To get access to the ANNIE Redmine and code repository:
# Log onto redmine with your "Services Account":
# Let the managers know you have done so and we will add you

h2. Resources

* [[Phase II Computing [[Computing and Software]] Software (Phase II)]]
* [[Phase II Project Management]] Management | testing]]
* [[Phase II Analysis]]
* [[Shift Instructions and Resources]]
* [[Analysis and Simulations]]
* [[resources | Reading List]] (a list of useful papers, talks, and links)

h2. Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Slides

* "DocDB": ( "Public": "Private": )
* [[past_collab_meetings|past ANNIE collaboration meetings]]
* [[old_minutes | archive of past minutes]]

h2. Previous Wikis

[[OldHome| Old ANNIE wiki]]
* "Really Old ANNIE wiki":