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Emrah Tiras, 06/12/2020 10:33 AM

Shift Handbook

Welcome to the ANNIE Phase II shift wiki! This page includes all the information relating to shifts, what to do on shift, who to call, when to be worried, etc.

Important Information

Run Coordinating & Experts

Run Coordinator: Emrah Tiras
Regional Shift Captains:
  • Midwest US: Mayly Sanchez
  • West US: Bob Svoboda
  • Europe: Michi Wurm

Contact information of current ANNIE experts: Blue Sheet

ANNIE is currently in "standby mode" so only Water System is monitored by the shifters.

Useful numbers

MCR x3721 - for full phone number: Blue Sheet
ROC-West-ANNIE: x5449

ANNIE's Google-Voice Number:

Main Control Room (MCR) at Fermilab calls shifters during the shift to let them know about the beam related information. For that reason, each shifter should be easily reached out in/outside the US with one phone number. ANNIE has a Google Voice number and each shifter needs to sign in at the beginning of the shift:

  • In the U.S., sign in to either Google Voice Account Website or App.
  • In Europe, sign in to Google Hangouts Account Website only.

Account user name: experimentannie
Account password: "same as ANNIE's docDB password except the last two digits ('19')"

For phone number: Blue Sheet

Upcoming Known Downtimes and Power Outage

Wednesday, July 1st 2020, from 7 am to 8 am - power outage to the SciBooNE Hall
Friday, March 20, time TBD -- Tuesday, March 24, 4pm
NOTE: No access to WH at all March 21-March 22, 6:30am-4:30pm

SciBooNE Hall Access

  • Collaborators who make access to the experiment hall should let the shifter and experiment's ELO (Carrie McGivern) know through Slack #SciBooNE Channel before&after the access.
  • They need to fill out ECL: Hall Access Form which includes the information for Nitrogen Dewars, Water pH and the water system.
  • If the Nitrogen level is low (less than 1/4 of the bottle) then let both Carrie and Emrah know about it.

Water System Monitoring

ANNIE has three live cameras but we see pictures pushed to the website in every ~2 minutes. Below is the link for Cameras. Please login with your FNAL user ID and Service Account Password.

One of them is on the second floor to monitor pH meter and electronics racks, and two of them are located on the ground floor to monitor the water skid.

Shifters need to monitor the water skid (in every ~1-2 hrs) and call/message experts (Vincent F. & Emrah T.) immediately if there is a water leak or any other problem. Also, shifters need to fill out a "Water Skid Status" form once before they end their shifts. Here is the link for the E-log:

The water pump flow rate indicator is not clearly seen on cameras. So, please check Pump Flow Rate for a reference and details.

Shift Procedures

Here will you find checklist for things to do when beginning, during, and after your shift. Please arrive ~15 mins early to debrief with the previous shifter.

Beginning Your Shift

  • Welcome to your exciting shift! Please do the following upon arriving to your shift.
  1. Debrief with the previous shifter to understand the current status of operations and complete required knowledge transfer.
  2. Let the previous shifter to sign out and then login the ANNIE's Google Voice/Hangouts Account: Details is above on this page.
  3. Call MCR (x3721) to report the start of your shift; make it clear where you are shifting from and contact phone number, which is ANNIE Google Voice number.
  4. Pease check the beam status.
  5. Ensure all screens are showing the correct VNCs and you can see all required information (see Control Room VNCs).
  6. Fill out the Start Shift form in the ECL.

During Your Shift

  • Shifter must do the following:
  1. Monitor everything!
  2. Ensure the DAQ is running and collecting data.
  3. Check the data to ensure it is of good quality.
  4. Fill out the Shift Checklist Form in the ECL every hour.
  5. Document everything in the ECL.
  6. If there is an issue with the DAQ/HV System etc. and you can not overcome in 10-15 mins max., please contact to proper experts on Blue Sheet. If the expert is not available, you can contact to the Run Coordinator.
  7. Coordinate with collaborators via phone and Zoom.
  8. Towards the end of your shift (in the last ~30 mins), start working on the summary of your shift.

Ending Your Shift

  1. Congrats! You are about to finish your shift.
  2. Say hello to the next shifter (don't leave without the next shifter being present, call run coordinator if no one shows).
  3. Debrief with the next shifter so they know what happened during your shift and what to expect during theirs.
  4. Fill out the End Shift Form in the ECL.

How to Collect Data

Things to Monitor on Shift

DAQ Monitoring and Data Taking

  • Ensure the DAQs are running and taking data.
  • Monitor the data quality plots to ensure the data are of sufficient quality.
  • DAQ Run types:
    * 0-Test 
    * 1-LED
    * 3-Beam
    * 4-AmBe

HV System Monitoring

WS Monitoring

Running into Issues

Troubleshooting on Shift

  • Refer to Troubleshooting on Shift to see if you can solve your issue.
  1. Ensure you are connected to the ANNIE Ops Zoom meeting, with video and audio turned on.

Useful Links