List of Relevant Sources:

Proton Decay Backgrounds:

  • Mine et al, SuperK PDK background measurements: arXiv:0801.0182 [hep-ex] * Recent slides by Ed Kearns on future PDK searches: here * Slides by Shun’ichi Mine on PDK background measurements by Super K: here

Neutron Tagging in SN:

Final-State Neutron Abundance and Neutrino-Nuclear Interactions:

Neutron Transport and Capture Physics of Water and Gd:

  • K. Shiba - Measurements of Neutron Thermalization Parameters in Light Water (1967) here * Meads et al- Capture Cross-sections of Thermal Neutrons in Water (1956) here * A. Renshaw - R&D For a Gd Doped Water Cherenkov Detector: arXiv:1201.1017 [physics.ins-det] * Super K - First Study of Neutron Tagging in a Water Cherenkov: arXiv:0811.0735 [hep-ex] * Dazely et al -Observation of Neutrons in a Gd Doped Water Cherenkov: arXiv:0808.0219 [nucl-ex]

Large Area Picosecond Photodetectors:

  • The LAPPD homepage homepage * The PSEC4 chip * The RF-stripline anode design

Water Soluble Scintillator - Linear Alkyl-Benzine (LAB):

Neutrino Reconstruction Using Fast Timing: