PSEC software instruct

code is in:

sudo ./bin/setupLVDS aligns communication between cc and acdc's

./bin/Reset hard (same firmware commands as power cycling)
Reset time (resets time stamps and counters)

./bin/readCC tells you if c card is connected and what front end cards/addresses are connected
./bin/readACDC sends a software trigger and tells you about the status of the ACDC card and chips

setConfig -acdc config/filename

setConfig -trig config/filename

setConfig with no parameters goes to default

takePed does pedestal calibration

calEn 0 1
master/slave enable/disable

oScope 1 40 0/1
1 = address of the ACDC card
40 = number of frames
0/1 software/hardware trigger

logData [fname] [number of frames] [0/1]

First "pulse" of data file contains pedestal calibrations

makeLUT makes look-up table to correct for non-linearity in the ADC-voltage response

config folder contains a file with trigger and DAQ config files

max value for pedestal is 4096 (ADC counts)

2048 (600 mV) is in the middle of the dynamic range