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Mngqian Chen, 10/26/2015 11:35 PM

Mingqian practice

Measurement of the hall

Move the cables out 1' from the left site of the veto to cross the pipe then bring then up to the cable tray.

Move the cables out 6'' from the right side of the veto and then bring them up to the cable tray.

It is proposed that the current cable tray (located a couple of feet above the Veto Wall) be removed and places a foot above the Veto Wall.

There's a cable tray 2' under the second platform and it is half full.

There're four possible ways to route the cables.



Slot a 2.125'' cable tray on the top of the front veto, lay the signal cables of the right side of the veto on the tray. Take the signal cables from both side up 2' and take them to the feed through on the second level platform along the side wall.
The tatal length of the signal cables is 1638' and the total length of the high voltage cables is 1456'. All the signal cables are in the same length 63'.
h2. Other options:

Option 2:


Option 3:


Option 4: