LAPPD Package

What a complete LAPPD package look like:

  • An LAPPD mounted on an analog pickup board in the XX frame. The frame is spaced (according to Bernhard's recipe) to prevent strains on the glass.
  • The HV connectors are replace with thin HV wires to connect to the LVHV board.
  • One of the two sides of the LAPPD is bridged with a Trigger Board
    • the trigger board has a power wire and Spi cable for connection to the LVHV
    • the output of the trigger board is connected to the ACDC cards (trigger input)
  • The two ACDC cards are plugged into the back for the Analog Pickup Board.
    • Both ACDC cards have been modified so that the linear regulators have been removed
    • In place of the linear regulators, are interfaces that connect the board to power wires that can then be plugged into the LVHV board