Flashing ADC and MT Cards

  1. This work can only be done by a DAQ expert's approval (Jonathan Eisch, current DAQ expert) and under his guidance.
  2. It's critical that only ADC firmware be flashed to ADC cards, and only MT firmware flashed to MT cards. There are not guard rails to stop you from potentially damaging the cards.
  • VME DAQ toolchains need to be Quit.
  • There are 3 VMEs in total for Phase II of ANNIE. VME-01 is on the Rack-5, VME-02 and VME-03 are on the Rack-6, at the top and bottom respectively.
  • VME-01 has 10 ADC cards and 3 MT cards, VME-02 has 12 ADC cards and 2 MT cards, VME-03 has 13 ADC cards and 2 MT cards.
  • Either or both ADC and MT cards might need to be flashed with updated firmware.

Flashing ADC Cards

  1. Open 3 tabs on your Terminal to be able to log in all 3 VMEs at the same time.
# ssh
# ssh annie-vme01-priv
  • You need to log in to each of annie-vme01-priv, annie-vme02-priv and annie-vme03-priv on separate Terminal tabs to be able to run all three together.
  • Password for VMEs is same as docDB.
# cd fpga_programmer
# ./
# cd ~
# ./

Flashing MT Cards

If we need to program the MT cards, all the commands except the last one are same with above. Then it is: