Firmware Locations

It has been a few months, but significant progress has been made on the ACC/ACDC firmware. The firmware and software has been updated to the point where data may be taken with the boards we sent you months ago. Note that all three components (ACC firmware, ACDC firmware, and c++ control software) must match. Also, all three components are in the most bare-bones working state; there will be bugs, some are already known. I have updates in the works and will notify people of major updates.

For Firmware: you have an ACC with 125MHz oscillator and ACDC 26 and 27. This means you should program the following firmware found in the pre-compiled firmware folder

“acc_125MHz_8b10b.pof”: use active serial mode and the header closest to the RJ45 ports
“acdc_acc125MHz_8b10b_epcq64a.jic”: use JTAG mode

For software: please use the uartcomms branch of the acdc-daq software that I will be developing actively over the next few months. . There are known bugs, and this code is very fluid in that I change it often during operation. Please feel free to change the C++ as you go to learn about it; create a branch if you’d like (send your git user info and we can add you as a collaborator)

As usual, feel free to reach out if you have questions. Please take notes, as your testing experience may reveal new experiences and bugs in all three components of the system.