Waterproof Cables and Connectors

The waterproof cables and connectors provide the interface between surface level electronic systems (such as the breakout box) and the in-tank LAPPD system. The cable consists of a wet end connector, an approximately 33-ft underwater cable, and a dry end connector. To each LAPPD unit, two waterproof cables are assigned.

The wet connection between the cable and the housing is made with the MacArtney SubConn 12-contact underwater connector (datasheet). Because the company does not manufacture cables in bulk, cables were ordered separate from the connectors.

The majority of the waterproof cable is a 33-ft long, neon green cable, comprised of 4 twisted, jacketed pairs (TJP) and 4 single conductors. They are manufactured by Falmat and were chosen for their ability to withstand high pressure underwater.

At the dry end of the cable, we have the Amphenol Industrial PT06E-14-12P (datasheet) connector. This end is connected to the breakout box.

The procedure for splicing all parts of the waterproof cable can be found ...