Cable water proofing

Status of the Irvine PMTs

1) we made a simple pick-off box to extract the signal
2) the cables are just pigtails. It’s basically just ground and +HV (these PMTs want positive HV)
3) You could try the SK NIM paper, but I don’t think it gives you much. You can also find a few things in the IMB-3 NIM papers: A324 363 (1993) and A352 629 (1995)

Water proof connectors

Here is my ship to: (non USPS) USPS is the address in the signature (4129)

Jeff Griskevich
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For the SHV connectors I use,

908 S. Walnut Street
Edinburgh, IN 46124

Robyn Curry, 812-526-8801

SHV, crimp Plug for RG59, 51-203-4
SHV, crimp jack for RG59, 51-502-1

RayChem, ES1000 3/4" is the shrink tube we used,
it has the adhesive and shrink ratio is 4 to 1.

I have samples of all of these here plus the glow ring.


Regards, N. Jeff Griskevich
Development Technician
University California, Irvine
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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