CAEN Power supplies

You can find the CAEN supplies on this page (HV systems):

and the official manual here:

The Ethernet controlled crate is the SY1527 (1 currently available)
The standard (push button and serial console, also CAENet slaved to the SY1527) is the SY527 (13 returned)
I’m pretty sure they can take 10 cards each.

The positive high-voltage cards are A734P (11 returned)
They have 16 channels each (+3KV, 3mA), with SHV connectors.

The negative HV cards (for the MRD) are the A932AN (4 available, 25 returned)
They have 25 channels each on 2 rectangular connectors and supply -2.5kV at 0.5mA.
If they have breakout connectors to SHV for these, that would be appreciated.

The positive HV crate would handle 160
The negative HV crate would handle 250

What we need

We would thus need at least 2 HV crates and 18 cards to instrument the 362-26(positive)=336 negative MRD channels, 26 Forward veto paddles, 30 LAPPDs, and 40 spares : 432 Channels
We need cables and patch panels for each card

We need 26 positive MRD channels, 200 (120) large PMTs, (160 small PMTs): 146 - 386 positive HV channels One crate will suffice for run 1. We need at most 25 HV cards (3 crates) for run II, but depending on the small PMTs, we may be able to gang channels together and keep it to 2 crates.

What they have (from our visit to PREP)

CAEN 527 crates: 12 returned from users (John's sheet says 6?)

A938AN: -2.2 kV, 1.2 mA, 24 channel - 5 units
A932AN: -2.5 kV, 0.5 mA, 24 channels - 100 units

A832N: -6 kV, 0.2 mA, 12 channels - 7 units (on PREP website) (for LAPPDs)

The negative HV may not be high voltage enough for the LAPPDs and there is a concern whether the current limits go high enough for the MRD...

Which cards go with which crates

A832N goes with 527
A734P goes with 527
A938AN ?
A932AN ?

General CAEN user instructions