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h1. Active Neutron Source

Documents about the source and the capsule [[]]

Some basic rules about the source:
* It cannot be removed from the 33” long acrylic rod.
* It cannot get wet.
* It can’t go in the tank.
* We need to get it in the morning and return it before the end of the work day.

The most basic plan is to build a 'cup' out of scintillator (inorganic would be more dense) that has a PMT coupled to the base of the cup, and the source can slide into the top. We would need a way to support this assembly outside the tank in various positions.

Putting the source inside the tank is very difficult for a number of reasons. Light-tightness is a major one, and the red-tape of putting the source in a functionally inaccessible place. A solution that has been proposed and has received support would be to make another lid that would have a PVC pipe descending down into the water, making a dry-well accessible from the top. Due to the buoyancy, the diameter of the active source would have to be minimized.