ANNIE plot style

ANNIE plots to be "blessed" for showing at conferences or in public documents, should be prepared using the ANNIE plot style described on this page.

The easiest way to make ensure your plots conform to this style is to set up ROOT using this file (rootlogon.C). We derived this macro directly from the version NOvA uses for its plotting style. Download the macro using the link above and save it somewhere you can easily access it.

You should configure ROOT so that this macro runs at startup. You can achieve this by placing the following line in your `.rootrc` (if you don't have a `.rootrc` file you should create one in your home directory).

Rint.Logon: /full/path/to/rootlogon.C


The macro provides some useful functions that will now be available to you in any ROOT session. The CenterTitles(hist) function will nicely centre the axis titles on histograms, whilst the functions Simulation() and Preliminary() add the labels "ANNIE Simulation" and "ANNIE Preliminary" to the top of a plot.


We often show our data spectra as histograms, rather than the conventional markers for data points. The ANNIE plot style includes an option to specify this on the plot. Adding Preliminary("Data") to your macro will display "ANNIE Data Preliminary" on the plot. In fact, you can pass any string to this function, do be displayed between the words "ANNIE" and "Preliminary".

Example plot