ANNIE Docker Instructions

  1. Download Docker here:
  2. Create a local folder on your computer for editing software: /myfolder/
  3. Download ToolAnalysis image:
    $ docker pull anniesoft/toolanalysis:latest
  4. Run the image to create a container:
    $ docker run -it --name=ToolAnalysis -v /myfolder:/mypath_in_docker anniesoft/toolanalysis:latest
    The -v will mount the local folder on your computer to a path within the docker container, -i makes the container interactive, and -t specifies the docker image
  5. In your local folder clone ToolAnalysis from git ( Edit as you like
  6. In the docker container, create a softlink from /ToolAnalysis/ToolDAQ to /mypath_in_docker/ToolAnalysis
    This folder /ToolAnalysis/ToolDAQ contains all of the libraries and dependencies needed to compile your own build in your mounted folder (/my_path_in_docker/ToolAnalysis/).
  7. Go to /mypath_in_docker/ToolAnalysis
  8. $ source
  9. $ make all

NOTE: Mounting a path from your computer into your docker container works well for Macs and Linux. It doesn't work as well for certain versions of Window.