ANNIE Docker Instructions

  1. Download Docker here:
  2. Create a local folder on your computer for editing software: /myfolder/
  3. Download ToolAnalysis image:
    $ docker pull anniesoft/toolanalysis:latest
  4. Run the image to create a container:
    $ docker run -it --name=ToolAnalysis -v /myfolder:/mypath_in_docker anniesoft/toolanalysis:latest
    The -v will mount the local folder on your computer to a path within the docker container, -i makes the container interactive, and -t specifies the docker image
  5. In your local folder clone ToolAnalysis from git ( Edit as you like
  6. In the docker container, create a softlink from /ToolAnalysis/ToolDAQ to /mypath_in_docker/ToolAnalysis
    This folder /ToolAnalysis/ToolDAQ contains all of the libraries and dependencies needed to compile your own build in your mounted folder (/my_path_in_docker/ToolAnalysis/).
  7. Go to /mypath_in_docker/ToolAnalysis
  8. $ source
  9. $ make all

NOTE: Mounting a path from your computer into your docker container works well for Macs and Linux. It doesn't work as well for certain versions of Window.
Some more detailed instructions for setting up docker on Windows can be found here: