ANL LLRF UPConverter DOWNConverter Construction Project

This project involves the construction of UP- and DOWN-Converter chassis for the Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source (ANL-APS) Upgrade project. This is a major upgrade to their synchrotron light source and includes an upgrade of the Low Level RF System. The UpConverter and DownConverter chassis developed at FNAL for our LLRF projects have excellent performance and lend themselves to use for ANL.

The operating frequencies differ from the standard FNAL ones and are:

Therefore some small design changes are need to meet their frequency requirements. These design changes involve the selection of different filter components, which are conveniently drop-in replacements.

Working Project Area: Y:\Projects\LLRF\Components\Hardware\Chassis Modules\ANL_LLRF_up_dn_cvtr_builds_2020

The unit construction quantities are the following:

Upconverter Builds:

Qty = (4) -- 352MHz Units

Qty = (2) -- 1408MHz Units

Total: (6) UP Converter Chassis

Down Converter Builds:

Qty = (7) -- 352MHz Units

Qty = (2) -- 1408MHz Units

Total: (9) DOWN Converter Chassis


ANL Docs:

FNAL Docs: