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Announcement to minos-users,minos-admin,minosdb-support,minos-run,ecl

Minos Fermilab scheduled computing maintenance Thu 2014 Mar 15

The following Fermilab computing services will be down
during the scheduled maintenance day this Thursday 2014 Mar 15:

07:00-13:00 Bluearc APP area /minos/app /grid/fermiapp /nusoft/app
07:00-15:00 Minos and GP servers including ECL - kernel updates, most after Bluearc maintenance
07:00-15:00 Fermigrid worker reboots
08:00-14:00 Enstore - software upgrades

Jobs running on Fermigrid will be stopped or restarted.

As usual, see details and progress notes at
Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 14:11:00 -0500  
From: Margaret  Votava <>
To: cs-liaison <>

Dear all, 

Please consider this Thursdays downtime rescheduled. The new date is likely
to be June 19th, but that is not clear yet. I just wanted to get this out  
now so people could adjust schedules for Thursday. 

Can service providers please notify their stakeholders accordingly? 

Very sorry for the miscommunication here. We have identified several areas
to improve upon here and will get better in the future.