2012 02 22/23 maintenance status - updated Feb 23 23:10 UTC

Planned maintenance

  • PNFS/DCache Chimera upgrade - Start Feb 22 18:00 Finish Feb 23 14:00
    • DCache and Enstore will be unavailable
    • Starts Wed 2012-02-22 18:00, through Thu 14:00
    • No change to the DCache interface is expected.
    • Enstore users must use encp v3_10e after this upgrade
    • File sizes over 2 GB will be reported correctly on clients, previously listed as 1 byte.
  • MINOS25 upgrade delayed to Tue Feb 28
    • Starts Thu 2012-02-28 09:00 through Noon ( tentative )
    • Upgrading to SLF 5, and moving to a VM host
    • This is the Minos Condor master system

Issues after planned maintenance

  • Fixed :
  • Pending :

STK-USERS original announcement

Dear Stken users,

This is a reminder notice of the following downtime.

This is advanced warning of extended Public Enstore (STKEN) and Public
dCache systems downtime planned next week to commence on February 22,
18:00 to February 23, 14:00.

As was previously announced we will be performing PNFS to Chimera
migration. Expected migration time is 20 hours.

During the downtime public dCache system will be unavailable to users.

Public Enstore (STKEN) system will remain up, but only available for
direct encp reads with no guarantee of access. CMS users are not
affected by this downtime.

A new version of ENCP, v3_10e, is required for Chimera. Direct encp users
are encouraged to upgrade to this version in advance. v3_10e is backward
compatible with existing namespace (PNFS). It is available from KITs and
AFS area. In addition, the NFS mounts will need to be remounted after the
upgrade on client nodes.

Users who access Enstore through the Public dCache are unaffected by encp
version change.