Email, network and power outage – all day Saturday

The Twitter link for following progress during the outage is!/FNALServiceDesk

Current status, Oct 16 01:20

  • Beam data got logged on minos-beamdata2
  • minos27 has no AFS (INC000000103902), so no new data declared to SAM - AFS back Sun 09:10 - will start SAM declares later today.
  • Master Mysql database was started around 23:50 Sat
  • SAM servers were started around 00:28 Sun
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 14:39:38 -0500
From: Fermilab Today <>
Subject: Email, network and power outage Saturday

Email, network and power outage – all day Saturday

On Saturday, Oct. 15, the Computing Sector facilities management team and
the Facilities Engineering Services Section will conduct a scheduled power
outage necessary to complete the final steps of the Feynman Computing Center
(FCC) cooling upgrades []. The outage will impact all computing
and network services.

This outage will begin at approximately 3 a.m. and it will last most of the
day. All systems dependent upon FCC facilities will be affected. Email
services will be unavailable for the duration of the outage, as will the
wireless network. Wired network and Internet access will be available in
Wilson Hall. The network is scheduled to be back to full operation around
2:30 p.m., and other services should be back by approximately 5 p.m.

Facilities management expects this outage to last no more than eight hours.
You can get updates by:

·         following the Service Desk Twitter feed,@FNALServiceDesk

·         visiting the Service Desk on the ground floor of Wilson Hall,

·         or calling the Service Desk at 630-840-2345.

Fermilab Service Desk []
(630) 840-2345