Minos-Fermilab Computing MOU/TSW drafts

This area is for drafts of the annual revisions of the Fermilab-Minos MOU.
The MOU is to be reviewed in May of each year.
The MOU was last revised in May 2011, so we were overdue in late 2012.

The official MOU/TSW resides in CS-DOCDB-4256.

Official drafts for CS review are in FermiPoint.

The FY13 revisions were mainly:
  • Updated contact information
  • Changed CD to CS throughout
  • Mention of Minos+ and extended running
  • Adjustment of usage figures to reflect Minos+ running
  • Reference to the Control Room support document CD-DOCDB-4430
  • FEF support of Minos DAQ and Control Room systems
  • Changed JIRA to ServiceNow
  • Changed CRL to ECL
  • Removed the Soudan database, no longer in use

The official MOU/TSW resides in CS-DOCDB-4256.
The MOU consisted of an MOU, and a separate Requirements document.
Most annual revisions were to the Requirements document.

Requirements V1.1 2013 Feb 8 draft

  • Updated resource chart based on Portfolio review.
  • Reduced TOF data from 20 to 2 TB/year
  • Mentioned alternate disk for FY14 growth
  • Corrected interactive cores from 40 to 32.
  • Dropped CRL database, added IFBEAM database

TSW rough draft 2014 May 13

TSW draft 2014 Sep 13

  • I have uploaded odt and pdf versions of a fresh draft, at last !
  • Lots of fixes. Missing infomation includes:
  • The draft was not present on this page as of Dec 12.
    • Recovered it from my laptop, uploaded again as CS-Minos-TSW-20140913.pdf/odt

TSW draft 2015 Mar 10

  • This should be close to ready to sign.
    • Adjusted slightly to follow the latest template
    • Cleaned up the DAQ language
    • Needs a network diagram and list of routers
    • Needs final cleanup/check of footnotes and referenced
    • This this can move to being signed.

TSW draft V0.952 2015 Apr 20

TSW draft was sent to CD/CD heads for review, targeting May 15 signoff

TSW draft 0.97 May 12 includes revisions for CWS and DocDB ( 24x7 availability, 8x5 support )

TSW draft 0.981 May 13 Cosmetic SAM and GPCF, moved ECL to SCT, removed obsolete SDM

TSW draft 0.99 May 15 IFBEAM standard support + special file copies

TSW V1.0 posted to CS-doc-4256 for signature