VOMS administration

Access to grid resources at Fermilab is controlled by an central VOMS database.

Authorized Minos people can use the VOMS Admin web site to modify the /fermilab/minos group

  • Change group membership.
  • Change user role assignment typically Production.
    By default, everyone has an Analysis role.
  • Change the list of authorized administrators

The /fermilab/minos group can be seen at

Access is via a cilogon cert loaded in your browser.
  • Get a usercert.p12 credential file at
  • Search and select Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and click [Log on]
  • Use your Fermilab Services password.
  • Set a 12 character secure local password for the resulting usercred.p12 .
  • Import that credential into your browser.


To add/remove a user to the group,
  • Browse: Users
  • search for the user
  • click [more info]
  • select Groups and Roles /fermilab/minos from the dropdown menu
  • click [Add to group]
    • A green message will flash up
    • /fermilab/minos will show up in the Groups and Roles list

To remove, click [Remove from this group] under the /fermilab/minos listing

To review members, Browse: Groups, selecting /fermilab/minos


All users get an Analysis role by default when their account is created on a Minos central system.

To adjust roles, browse to the user, select [more info]
and follow the prompts under the Groups and Roles /fermilab/minos listing
It can take about a minute to add or remove the Analysis role.
Other roles take just a second.
The Minos Production role gets extra priority on Fermigrid.

Administative ACLs

You can Browse: ACL selecting /fermilab/minos.

This can be used to manage permissions, and remove authorized administrators.
It is not practical to add a new entry, as the dropdown list is large and not searchable under
  • Add an entry to the ACL of context: /fermilab/minos for
    • a VO member certificate