Migration from /nusoft/app/web/htdoc/minos to /web/sites/m/ in 2015

Work is being tracked in

Directories are owned by a mix of minos ( DAQ ) , and mindata ( OFFLINE ).

General documentation

Some documentation is still buried in (nusoft) and (www-numi)

www-numi will be migrated for use as-is. Early in 2016.

The new minos site is

The site is hosted by new Linux Apache servers, from /web/sites/ .
Someday they may move this to /web/sites/m/
with a compatibly symlink from the present path. Not presently scheduled

These files are accessed using an NFS 4.1 mount, requiring a registered active Kerberos ticket.
For interactive editing, get registered and log into any Minos interactive system.
Registry is summarized below.

Automated processes can use a services principal to access this area.
We have presently registered
Access can be tricky, this is a kernel level ticket shared by all of an account's processes on a given host
Logging in interactively with a forwarded ticket can flip the ticket, and there seem to be time delays.

For automatic processes we will be able to also have regular NFS3 mounted areas served,
and mapped to the desired path.
For now we will mount existing areas from /nusoft/app/web/htdoc/minos/...
Later these will likely move to /minos/data/web/...

Access lists

For access, open a ServiceDesk RITM with Minos Support


Directory MB Recent Comment
acclog 153
beamdata 37
calibration 57651
DataQuality 233
dcache 2295
OnlineMonitoring 45761
predator 66
validation 708
admin 54
beammonspill 10052
bfield 19
bluwatch 8
cal 1787
condor 56
database 2356
farmgsum 12
images 1
maint 635
mcas 1
MinosBatch_AtAGlance 1
OldMinosLEDataQualityWebsite 202
OnlineMonitoringFD 10331
OnlineMonitoring 946
prodmon 1
vault 1
WebDocs 596

MINOS areas

Directory MB Recent Comment
controlroom 19800 mostly moved to minos/controlroom 12/04
jira 144 static archive