Minos Data Management Plan

1) About the Minos Data Management Plan

This document is intended to meet the requirements of the Department of Energy
Statement on Digital Management effective Oct 1, 2014, as specified in

Data for the Fermilab Minos experiment was collected
from September 2009 through July 2017.

Minos is hosted at Fermilab, and complies with Fermilab Data Management Practices and Policy. & Computing/Policies_and_Publications/Data_Management_Practices & Policies

2) Access to Minos data

Digital data accompanying publications are released through the standard INSPIRE and HEPData services.
Additional plots and date are published at the Minos web site

Detector data, reconstructed data,databases and code are made available
by special arrangement with the Minos experiment.
The Fermilab Argoneut and Minerva experiments make direct use of Minos data.

3) Preservation of Minos data

Minos data is preserved at the host laboratory Fermilab.

The 15 Terabytes of raw detector data is irreplacable.
Raw data is stored in Fermilab supported dCache and Enstore systems,
on raid-6 disk and in two separate tape libraries.
An additional copy of raw data is archived at the Univerity of Minnesota.

Data resulting from simulation and analysis is also archived in the Fermilab
dCache and Enstore systems.

Standard Fermilab services are used to store documentation, databases and source

4) Security

Minos does not produce data requiring special security measures
Minos does not produce date related to the following:
  • Confidential, Personal or Personally Identifiable Information
  • US national, homeland or economic security items
  • Proprietary or Business Confidential information
  • Intellectual propery rights
  • Negative impacts on innovation and US competitiveness

Minos complies with all appliclable laws, regulations and DOE orders and