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AFS DATA retirement

The old Minos AFS data area is due for downsizing and retirement.
That is /afs/

The fsus-minos02 server is very old, and no longer maintainable.
Space was last added in 2007, and most files are many years old.

Please remove any files you do not need,
and copy the rest to some appropriate location in Bluearc.
/minos/data for data files, /minos/app for code.

With possibly a few exceptions, for example dbmauto files,
I propose to copy existing files from AFS to /minos/data/AFS/...
and install symlinks from AFS to /minos/data for compatibilty.

The few remaining volumes will be transparently moved to new,
well supported servers, with symlinks at the original paths.

I have started the process and would like to finish on Aug 14 2012.
Please send mail to minos-admin with any concerns or suggestions.

This process actually completed August 20, 2013, slighly behind schedule.
calibration/DriftWeb is no longer in use.

AFS retirement work notes

  • Paths to be retained in AFS with symlinks at the old paths :
    • log_data/farm
    • log_data/farm_temp
    • calibration/DriftWeb

AFS administration

Many internal details of AFS volume management are hidden from the user.
But on occasion, we need to know what is going on.

What is the AFS volume behind for each directory ?
What host is serving it ?
What space is available ?
Who has access to the files ?

The Minos data files are under $MINOS_DATA

For maintenace use the read/write path,

Some useful fs commands ( following fs on the command line )

apropos search by help text
diskfree show server disk space usage
examine display volume status
listquota list volume quota
lsmount list mount point
whereis list file's host


  • To mount/dismount, use the /afs/ path, note the in the path.
  • To mount an AFS area
    • fs mkmount -dir <dir_path> -vol <volume_name>
      • like fs mkmount -dir /afs/ -vol
  • To unmount an AFS area
    • fs rmmount <dir_path>
      • like fs rmmount /afs/
  • Release the area to show your changes in the R/O replicas after you are done with your changes for the day
    • ssh flxi02
    • . /usr/local/etc/
    • setup k5arc
    • upd_volrelease /afs/
      • Should complete in under 10 seconds

SERVER INVENTORY ( top level only )


for DIR in `ls` ; do fs whereis ${DIR} ; done | cut -f 6 -d ' ' | sort -u

MINOS26 > DIRS=`ls`
MINOS26 > WHERES=`for DIR in ${DIRS} ; do fs whereis ${DIR} ; done`

MINOS26 > printf "${WHERES}\n" | grep fsus-minos01 | wc -l
MINOS26 > printf "${WHERES}\n" | grep fsus02 | wc -l
MINOS26 > printf "${WHERES}\n" | grep fsus05 | wc -l
MINOS26 > printf "${WHERES}\n" | grep fsus06 | wc -l
MINOS26 > printf "${WHERES}\n" | grep fsus07 | wc -l
MINOS26 > printf "${WHERES}\n" | grep fsus08 | wc -l

MOUNT INVENTORY - complete mount list

DIRS=`find ${MINOS_DATA} -type d`
for DIR in ${DIRS} ; do fs lsmount ${DIR} ; done | grep 'is a mount' | tee /tmp/afsmounts
MINOS26 > wc -l /tmp/afsmounts
223 /tmp/afsmounts

MINOS26 > MOUNTS=`cat /tmp/afsmounts | cut -f 2 -d \'`

MINOS26 > for MOUNT in $MOUNTS ; do fs whereis $MOUNT ; done | cut f 6 -d ' ' | sort -u



pts creategroup -name kreymer:${NEWGROUP}

pts setfields  kreymer:${NEWGROUP} -access SOMar

for GUSER in buckley kreymer ... ; do
pts adduser -user ${GUSER} -group kreymer:${NEWGROUP} ; done

pts membership kreymer:${NEWGROUP}
pts examine    kreymer:${NEWGROUP}

pts chown      kreymer:${NEWGROUP}  minos:admin

pts membership minos:${NEWGROUP}


In /etc/sysconfig/afs , change the line


Request new volumes at (obsolete)

Get a list of the most recent 3 digit volumes with

( cd $MINOS_DATA ; ls -d d??? | sort | tail )

The new volume mount path will be 

The ACL should be

system:administrators rlidwka
system:anyuser rl
minos:admin rlidwka
minos rl