About this Wiki

This Wiki will serve as the primary source of documentation for the adinsthw project.

About this Project

In our effort to provide world-class instrumentation for the Fermilab accelerator complex, the AD/Instrumentation department has produced dozens of VME modules. The software responsible for talking directly to these hardware module and for abstracting the hardware-specific details of that communication into a user-friendly API is commonly referred to as the driver. This project serves two goals:
  • To be a common repository for all AD/Instrumentation VME module drivers
  • To provide a common API framework to build new drivers upon

Catalog of Drivers (sorted alphabetically)

Name Description Keeper OS Support Target Support API Docs
CMTF Interlocks ADC 16-channel 80Mhz digitizer for the CMTF Interlocks jdiamond VxWorks 6.4 MVME5500 Doxygen Link
SY 120 BPM ADC 8-channel 125MHz digitizer for the Switchyard (SY120) Beam Position Monitor jdiamond VxWorks 6.4
VxWorks 5.5
Doxygen Link
VFRT-VUCD Pattern Generator VME Pattern/Timing Generator jdiamond VxWorks 6.4 MVME5500 Doxygen Link

Some drivers were generated with the drvgen system, see drvgen.

Other Information

A Guide to Linux VME Device Drivers.