The design of ADInstBPM is divided into 3 major components -
  1. bpmd - This is the main application and runs in the background. bpmd is responsible for managing the data acquisition (DAQ) modules, generating the timing signals and synchronizing with the accelerator. It is also responsible for managing the shared memory interface. Other components communicate with bpmd via the control message queue.
  2. bpmcli - A command line diagnostic application that experts can use to interact with bpmd via the shared memory interface and the control message queue.
  3. ACNET interfaces - Actually several different components that share the same goal: providing an interface to ACNET.

Measurement Specification

A Measurement Specification specifies how a BPM measurement should be performed. It includes parameters


bpmd uses a configuration file called bpmd.conf. To specify the location of bpmd.conf use the -c options when starting bpmd:

bpmd -c/fecode-bd/bbpmts/bpmd.conf

If the -c option is not provided, bpmd with attempt to load the configuration from /etc/bpmd.conf.


  • bpmd - Main BPM application
  • bpmd.conf - Configuration file for bpmd
  • bpmcli - Command Line Interface to bpmd