Device Settings

In the past, we only had the console world and we were more lenient about who can make settings. Since then, the world has become more complicated and we need better auditing on who is setting devices. This article will be kept up-to-date on the current state of support for device settings.

Type Platform / Language Description Setting Support
Applications CLIB C/C++ library used by the X11-based console applications. Settings are performed through a CLIB routine, not through DPM. The CLIB environment tries to ensure settings are done onsite (it tries to detect ssh logins and VPN clients.) This platform doesn't support the Kerberos method of authentication. Setting information is forwarded to the settings history.
Java Java clients use the Data Acquisition Engine's API to read and set devices. The DAE is responsible for making settings on behalf of the client by sending the setting request directly to the front-end. It doesn't use the Kerberos authentication method, nor does it use DPM. Setting information is forwarded to the settings history.
Python Must use the acsys module (link). Python uses DPM to perform settings. Kerberos authentication is supported so DPM knows who you are. DPM is responsible for forwarding the setting information to the settings history. To make settings, you must have a Kerberos ticket and your account must be added to a table that allows you to make settings.
JavaScript Must use our DPM API (link). JavaScript clients can only get readings from the control system.
Front-end Erlang Available in DPM client application (link). This application sends the setting request directly to the front-end. It does not forward the setting info to the history.
Java OACs Front-end framework for Java VM These clients use the DAE's Java API described above.
MOOC Front-end framework for VxWorks There are a few rare instances in which a front-end sends a setting to another front-end. Two deficiencies: they use the datagram interface instead of request/reply so they don't know if the setting succeeded and they don't forward the settings to the history.