LXI Power Supply

This driver supports LXI-styled, networked power supplies. Our initial installation consists of versions manufactured by Sorenson. These power supplies come in two flavors, the XG and SG models. Unfortunately the command set between the two aren't 100% compatible. The driver knows how to control both types, but configuration parameters of the driver decide which support gets enabled.

sys.config Entry

The module is lxi_ps_driver and the parameters are given as a list of options.

Key Type Default Comment
current_limit float() This parameter has no default value. Sets the upper limit that can be set. Although the power supply will reject any setting that's out of range, this parameter allows the driver to report a ERR_BADSET status to ACNET.
init_voltage float() This parameter has no default value. Sets the voltage to the highest valid we can accept. Since the current starts at zero, it puts the power supply in constant-current mode.
node string() This parameter has no default value. The IP address of the power supply. Can be given as a dotted, numeric address or its DNS name.
port integer() 5025 The port number to use to communicate with the power supply.
type atoms: 'XG' or 'SG' If port is 5025, 'XG'.
Otherwise 'SG'
Determine which command set to use. The 70A and 120A supplies are XG-types. The 250A supplies are SG-types.