Front-end Framework

Our current front-end framework is implemented using the "soft real-time" language, Erlang, and runs on Linux-based systems. We have instructions to set-up an Erlang environment for your system.

Writing device drivers

There are two ways a device driver can be written. Each has advantages/disadvantages, so you have to decide which is the most appropriate for your situation.

Native Erlang Driver

We have an article describing how to write a native Erlang driver using our Erlang Driver API.

Debugging a Front-end

Native drivers should be used when the hardware is accessed over the network because it's very easy to do network communications using Erlang.

C++ driver

We also provide a C++ Driver API so drivers can be written in C++.

Supported Drivers

These are the various drivers that have been written for the framework. We encourage pure Erlang drivers, but there are cases where a C/C++ driver is necessary. In those cases, the cdev API is used to interface with the Erlang framework.