WebDPM API v1.x

DPM([ server [, conn ]])

Creates a new instance of a DPM object. Both arguments are optional and, if not provided, creates a DPM object that will create a new ACNET connection object and automatically choose an available DPM. The first parameter, if given, should be a string specifying the node name of the DPM to use. Note: choosing a DPM prevents the DPM object from automatically switching to a different DPM when the DPM in use goes away. The second parameter, if given, is an ACNET connection object to use for the communications.

addRequest( req, cb [, ecb ])

Stages a data acquisition request. The first parameter is a string containing a DRF2 request. The second parameter is a callback function which will get called as the data arrives. The third, optional parameter is a callback function that gets called when an error occurs that's associated with the DRF2 request. This function can be called many times to set up DRF2-to-callback mappings. start() must be called in order to start the actual data acquisition.


Empties the list of requests. Currently running acquisition will continue until start() is called. This function can be used to remove unwanted requests before adding new acquisition requests.

start([ redir ])

Starts data acquisition using the latest list of requests. The optional parameter specifies a redirection model to use. If omitted, data is obtained from the live control system.


Stops data acquisition.