Using the Event Display(s):


An event display is the easiest way to visualize what data looks like in the detectors and provides excellent feedback to the shifters. For the 35t, there are actually three event displays:

1. The LArSoft event display.
2. The RED35 event display.
3. (a third one not yet implemented...)

Running the Event Displays:

Each of the event displays can be run using the following steps:

1. From any of the dune-cr-0{1,2,3} machines, open up a fresh terminal and instructions will be given to you on running the 35t EVD. (kinit as yourself, then ssh into dunegpvm03 as duneana.) Check first that there is not already a terminal open logged into the duneana account.
2. From this machine, you will be dumped into the /dune/app/users/duneana area (where more instructions are printed to screen upon login.)
3. For the LArSoft event display, execute:

./ {run number}

to open a specific run (use 0 to force the script to seek out the most recent run on disk.) - NOTE, the run number must be in six digit format (e.g. - 007660) so that my script can parse things correctly. The other two event displays are:
./ {run number}
./run_35t_?????.sh {run number} - this one hasn't been implemented yet...

A list of runs for which event display files exist can be obtained by executing:


These scripts are all installed in the home area for the duneana user. If you find yourself in a different directory, a simple "cd" will bring you back to the home area.

Technical Details...

(This info is not really for the shifters but for anyone that needs to make changes to the EVD setup...)

NOTE: Do NOT make any changes to this code without express permission! If you don't know who to ask to get permission, then you probably shouldn't be changing the code...

For working in the offline environment setup for running the EVD, I've defined the following function executable from the command prompt to source all of the stuff...


The offline release exists in /dune/app/home/duneana/35t_EventDisplay/larsoft_{version} with the current version being v04_32_01. This has all of the dunetpc code checked out on the jpdavies_nearlineMonitoring feature branch and built in maxopt/prof mode.

All of the shell scripts listed above that the user can use for EVD purposes are kept in the /dune/app/users/duneana area to make it easier to find. But these scripts are archived (and committed to the repository) in the /dune/app/home/duneana/35t_EventDisplay/larsoft_{version}/srcs/dunetpc/dune/NearlineMonitor/evd package. If you make any changes to the scripts in /dune/app/users/duneana, please also commit them to the repository from /dune/app/home/duneana/35t_EventDisplay/larsoft_{version}/srcs/dunetpc/dune/NearlineMonitor/evd.