Tom's email on new server

The migration is complete, and the web hosting team promised to
change all absolute file paths to relative file paths in HTML files (no mention of what they'd do to other files).

Some links to try that point to things in there.  Looks like the plots are broken.

  Let me know if you do not have rw access to 


on or submit a ticket.



-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:    Fwd: Your site,, will soon be migrated to the new Linux-based system
Date:    Thu, 26 Feb 2015 18:28:02 -0600
From:    Thomas R. Junk <>
To:    Haleh Hadavand <>, Shahsavarani, Sepideh <>, animesh chatterjee <>, wallbank >> Michael Wallbank <>
CC:    Michelle D Stancari <>

Dear 35t DQMers,

  Looks like the web area is being migrated (automatically!) from the old AFS area to what looks like a more vanilla NFS
filesystem.  There's a link to documentation below.  We're probably a Tier 1 site by default -- if you need Tier 2 service, let us know
or submit a ticket.  Tier 2 service has bigger disk quota, dedicated virtual machines for serving the sites that site owners can log in to.
I suspect Tier 1 is all we need.

  The only other item is where to find the files after they're migrated.  The easiest way to get at them is through fnalu, in the 


which is currently empty.  The mail below says HTML files will have addresses inside made relative, but javascript and perl scripts probably
won't be touched and some work will be needed from us.


-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:    Your site,, will soon be migrated to the new Linux-based system
Date:    Thu, 26 Feb 2015 13:33:44 -0600
From:    Central Web Hosting Team <>
To:    Thomas R Junk <>, Michelle D Stancari <>
CC:    Central Web Hosting Team <>


We, the Web Systems Administration group, are migrating all Fermilab sites from the old Solaris-based system to the new Linux-based system. 

We would like to move your site,, three business days from now on Tuesday, March 3 at 2:00 PM.

We will handle moving all of your HTML pages, images, and other web content. During the migration, we will review the content of your HTML files and change any absolute paths to relative paths. We will also update the first line of your CGI scripts to point to the correct script interpreter on the new system.

The migration should take no more than an hour to complete. While your site is being migrated, you will not be able to make any changes, but your site will remain live. Once your site has been moved, your URL will remain the same, but how you manage your site will change. See the documentation at for more information.

Please reply to this email with the following information:

First, confirm the date of the move, so we may prepare to migrate your website. If you need to change the date, we are more than happy to work with you to find a better time.

Second, review the following list of users who currently have access to your site. Let us know which users you would like to continue to have the ability to edit your website content. As part of the migration, we will grant access to the users you choose.  After that, you will be able to manage the list through ServiceNow. Instructions are found in the “Site Owner’s Manual” at the link above. 

The following users currently have access to your site:

  Thomas R Junk <>
  Michelle D Stancari <>
  Shreyas Ravindra <>
  Sepideh Shahsavarani <>
  Haleh Hadavand <>

If you have any questions, please email the WSA at The team is happy to give you a call if you prefer.

Thank you.

Central Web Hosting Team