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Tristan Blackburn, 01/14/2016 09:53 AM

To-Do List Jan 08th - Updated Jan 14th

Giles Barr
List from the 11.30 meeting today

1 Turn counters on and see if the PTB can take the rate

2 complete 2nd cob reinstallation

3 wide drift window settings in config

4 plug penn trigger board in
(PTB trigger is in, and only trigger in, as of Mon Jan 11th - Tristan)
(Jan 14th - taken plenty of all rce, all ssp & PTB runs now with CCU1 & 2 switched on and a rate of ~0.3Hz - Things seem to be working well - Tristan)

5 synchronisation tests
(Alan redistributed the NOvA clock lines to the components [13th Jan]; the RCE's now miss less sync pulses and the timeout errors are significantly less frequent 35%->10% - Tristan)

6 Counter voltage study 20h, not needed to be continuous 4h hunks are convenient.

7 Pedestal mode - PTB on very slow, take a long O(100ms) swath of unzero suppressed data) need to turn counter triggers off in config.

8 Calibration modes - discuss exactly what is needed and make configs

9 Second pedestal mode - random triggers with a normal millislice length, or pulser, but not aligned with 60Hz