Taking pedestal runs

Once a shift, take a pedestal run. To do this, run the following after the DAQ has been terminated.
  • ~/pedestals/ rce_components
  • ~/pedestals/ rce{00..11}
No online monitoring will be generated for a pedestal run. The output files can be found here:
  • /data/lbnedaq/scratch/santucci/pedestalruns
When you take a pedestal check that all of the RCEs you are taking with are ran over. If they aren't then do the following;
  • Open /data/lbnedaq/scratch/santucci/

Validating the run

Once the run is finished, run the validation script to verify if the plots look ok:
  • ~/pedestals/

This script will ask for the run number that you just got.
Once you enter the run number, it will open 2 figures. One is called "validated.png" and the other "validation_plots.png".
The validation_plots correspond to the most recent pedestal run. The validated plots are what we expect to see.
You should see 4 plots, top-left and top-right correspond to the pedestal vs channel and noise vs channel.
Bottom-left and bottom-right are the ratio of current pedestal and expected pedestal, same for noise.

If the top distributions look similar and the ratio of the channels is close to 1 (between 0.5 and 1.5) for all channels, the run was good - please answer "y".
Otherwise just answer "n". Try taking another pedestal run and repeat the validation procedure.
If the plots are still very different, please make a note on the elog about it.

In case you get errors related to permissions:
Permission denied (gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).
lost connection

Please renew your kerberos, just type:


and then


Then source the script again, and things should work.

In case you still have problems, please send an email to

For elog purposes:
The configuration is: rces_pedestalrun
and the daq comps are: penn01 and rces{00..15}

To go back to normal runs, don't forget to set daq components and configuration again.