Shift Information

First, review the shift requirements for authorship here 35-ton authorship policy and in DUNE docdb 309

Instructions for shifters

See here Instructions for Shifters for relevant information for those taking 35t shifts.

Shift sign up opens 10 am CDT September 16, 2016

You need a 35-ton e-log account to sign up!
  1. Get a Fermilab services account
    Note that you need a kerberos account in order to take shifts, so request one of those too.
  2. Email a request for an e-log account to Alan Hahn, Michelle Stancari, and Tingjun Yang.
    Please specify your home institution when you send the request. We will do our best
    to create the accounts within 24 hours of the request.

Where is the Electronic Logbook?

New link, Dec. 19, 2016

Old link:

DAQ commissioning shifts (Oct 16 - Nov 8)

There are day shifts only during this period. The gas purge and liquid argon filling are
scheduled for this time, and there will be a lot of DAQ commissioning. Please sign up for these shifts if you are willing to help make the
DAQ more shifter friendly and help the experts debug any problems. It won't be smooth sailing, but it won't be boring either.
For these shifts be prepared to stay beyond 4 pm when needed.

Standard shifts (Nov 9 - Mar 27)

The shifter will sit in ROC west (WH atrium), but must have access
to transportation in case there is a need for intervention at PC4.
Shifters must be available for 2 hours of training during working
hours on a workday no more than 7 days before their first shift.
A Fermi ID badge is required to enter ROC west, please allow enough time
in your travel plans to obtain a badge before your first shift.

Schedule is as follows:
owl 12am-8am
day 8am-4pm
evening 4pm-12am
right now we request that people sign up for day and evening shifts only. If we have uncovered shifts, we prefer that they are during the night

One "block" is consecutive shifts for the same time slot each day
Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday = 1 block
Friday, Saturday, Sunday = 1 block
All shifts (owl, day,evening) have the same weight.
Two blocks are required for authorship

Shift blocks containing Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve or New Year’s Day have double weight. The actual
day of the holiday will be minimal-intervention-remote-operation-style (details to be determined later,
but we don't expect people to sit in ROC west for 8 hours on Christmas Day).

If your shifts are cancelled for any reason after you sign up, you will still receive credit AND
the opportunity to do some 35ton service work during that block of time.

There will be a run coordinator (Alan Hahn) and a rotating deputy run
coordinator. The deputy is expected to be resident at Fermilab and
available 24/7 during his or her service period of 1 week. Two blocks of shift credit
will be given for 1 week of deputy RC service, contact Alan if you're interested.

DRC (deputy run coordinator) schedule

How to Sign up!

Log in to the electronic logbook, and click on the shifts tab

Select the month you want to view, and then click on the shift block that you want to sign up for

Note that the (4.0) indicates the point value for that block of shifts. A total of
8 points, equivalent of two blocks, are required for authorship on an individual basis.

After Sept 16, when the shifts are "unlocked", you can sign up by clicking "sign up"

A few reminders/warnings

  1. Holidays are not shown in the shift calender. Consider Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Martin Luther King Day when signing up for shifts.
  2. You must have a valid Fermi ID badge to enter ROC west, and a Fermilab kerberos account to run the DAQ software. Allow time in your travel plans to ensure you have these things before your first shift.
  3. You must be available for at least two hours during working hours sometime in the 7 days before your first shift. If you take a Monday-Thursday block this means being available the previous week or finding an appropriate bribe to convince an expert to come in on Sunday.
  4. Note that the Monday owl shift starts at midnight on Sunday.