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Instructions for Shifters

This page contains information for people taking 35t shifts. See general information on shift taking before arriving at FNAL (including prerequisites such as possessing a valid Fermi ID) on this page: Shift Information.

Log into machines in ROC West

The DUNE 35t machines are located by the windows in ROC West, on the 1st floor of Wilson Hall. There are two stations, each with a keyboard, mouse and four monitors (by now, only one station is on).

Log into the computers using the username dune. It will ask for your password and then principal (in this order); use your standard personal Kerberos principal and password to log in. This will require your credentials be in the .k5login file on the machine; this should be the case (it will be the responsibility of the Deputy Run Coordinator to ensure it is) but if you have problems let the DRC know (see DRC (deputy run coordinator) schedule).

If there is always someone logged in to the machine first log them out before using your Kerberos credentials to log in.
If dune is already logged in, execute the kdestroy command to delete their kerberos credentials and then a kinit -f to load yours.

Taking DAQ data

First log into the machine where the code is:

ssh -l lbnedaq

This will also require your credentials to be in the .k5login file on the machine (ask the Deputy Run Coordinator to provide this).

For instructions on running the DAQ:

TPC Specific Data Taking Instructions

This page provides instructions for how to take TPC data, specifically pedestal runs.

DAQ Cabling

The average shifter will hopefully not have to concern themselves with this, but if so the subsequent pages will detail the relevant cabling.

Configuration Run Modes and fHiCL Documents

This page describes the major run modes of the DAQ and their configuration fHiCL documents with important parameters. Shifters will not usually have to edit these parameters directly.

Useful links

Online Monitoring
Online Event Display

DRC (deputy run coordinator) schedule

DUNE 35t Acronyms

Useful phone numbers

ROC-West -- x5449
PC4 -- x3600
DAB test area -- x4716