Detailed instructions Dec 18-Jan 4


Yichen is taking day shifts Dec28-31 instead of evening shifts. He will be on uboone shift in the evenings, so we
can still ask him to launch the DAQ before going home if useful.

Anticipated expert activity

  • There is talk of some zero suppression development and testing by SLAC after Christmas.
  • Giles will be in town and working Dec 23 - ??

To Do list:

  • Run the DAQ using the triggers generated by the PTB. Only if requested by Nuno.
  • Test running the DAQ with a random trigger using a few counters and the NIM modules.
    Trigger is cabled up - needs to be tested.
    Activate this trigger by switching on the CCU with only 3 blue cables connected.
    Remove trigger from calibration module
  • PMT voltage scans with the external counters. Only if there's huge progress with the PTB board reader.
    First step is to take a 4 hour run with CCU1 and CCU2 powered on (only one of the two is on now). PTB only is fine.
    But we have to write the file to disk.

Shifter instructions

  • Take at least one run each day (one per shift if possible) with * disk write on * all 16 RCEs * no sync errors * at least 15 minutes duration
  • If no experts are using the system, see how long a run can continue, with 16 RCEs and 7 SSPs no disk write.
    End the run and start a new one if sync errors appear.
  • Watch the monitoring plots and report any concerns in the e-log